Clinical Psychology Seattle

Find meaning and achieve balance

Many of us are so busy trying to achieve our goals, that we have lost sight of what is truly important and meaningful. What will we want to remember about this time in our life five years from now? What – and who – is truly meaningful to us? How can we make these things a priority and decrease the time and energy we spend on things that ultimately are not sustaining or fulfilling to us? How can we balance our multiple, and often conflicting roles as a professional, parent, or partner? How can we address the larger questions in life without getting overwhelmed and paralyzed and without feeling like addressing these questions takes time away from something else we are supposed to do?

Therapy is a place to ask these questions, and search for their answers. Answers don’t always come quickly, nor are the answers necessarily permanent. But the process of asking the questions, re-prioritizing what’s important and meaningful for us, and then making changes that put our time and energy into the areas of meaning is what many people find to be deeply satisfying and energizing.

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