Clinical Psychology Seattle

Attain and appreciate success

Success means different things to different people, but it’s fairly common these days to find that many people don’t feel like what they’re doing and accomplishing is a success. Some of us have difficulty setting goals and believing that it is OK to start reaching for them. Others set goals all the time but seem to never meet them.

And many of us are confused about what our goals should be. We have some ideas, but perhaps they are not clear. We also receive conflicting messages about what success should be for us from people who know and care about us and even from the media. Should we earn more? Have a family? Buy a bigger house? Acquire more things? Take another vacation? Change careers?

Therapy is a safe place to identify what success means to you and to identify and challenge any obstacles that are keeping you from actively pursuing your goals. Therapy is also the place to address any barriers that you may have that keep you from being able to take in the feeling of accomplishment, contentment, and satisfaction that come when you attain your goals.

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