Clinical Psychology Seattle

Create the life you want

Often, we find ourselves in an unhappy place in our life. Given the current economic, political and workplace stress in the world, plus the demands and responsibilities we have to family, parents, children and other community obligations, it’s not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed, tired, and stressed.

Too often, self care gets pushed to the back burner. But many have realized that too often, we are no longer creating our life, but somehow just responding to the needs and demands of hectic schedules, external pressures, employers, partners or mates. Also, living a life according to how we think we're "supposed" to, without realizing that it doesn’t really work for us, is all too common.

Therapy is a place to identify these obstacles and change the patterns that keep you from the life you want. With support and encouragement, you can begin to create what you really want in your life, what truly works for you, and what brings you and the people who are important to you lasting satisfaction and peace.

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