Clinical Psychology Seattle Creating the life you want

Specialty Areas

Decreasing depression and anxiety

  • Eliminating symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Reducing the likelihood of future depressive/anxious episodes
  • Living and thriving with a family member diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Addressing issues of grief and loss

Finding meaning/creating balance

  • Resolving long-standing areas of emotional pain
  • Building healthy strategies and patterns of communication
  • Balancing multiple, conflicting demands
  • Unleashing creativity / overcoming creative blocks
  • Women's growth and empowerment

Enhancing family and partner relationships

  • Building healthy relationships
  • Building effective communication skills and effective patterns of interaction
  • Parenting challenges (for any family composition, including single parent, blended, divorced and adoptive families)

Creating a Family

  • Pregnancy
  • Infertility
  • Adoption - Working with all members of the triad: adoptive parents, birth parents, and adult adoptees

Life Transitions - surviving and thriving at times of change

  • Building toward marriage and life partnership
  • Coping with relationship distress, separation, or divorce
  • After the affair - how to reassess and, if appropriate, rebuild a relationship
  • Making a positive career change
  • Adults returning to school
  • Caring for aging parents

Issues encountered in late life

  • Planning for a satisfying retirement
  • Learning about normal, expected age-related changes
  • Coping with a loved one's illness
  • Adapting to losses and change
  • Geriatric evaluations /assessments to determine if there is any cognitive decline beyond normal age-related changes

Unique issues affecting members of target groups

  • Addressing the impact of sexism, homophobia, racism and other forms of oppression on sense of self
  • Identifying and challenging internalized oppression
  • Balancing multiple identities, public and private selves

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