Clinical Psychology Seattle


If you are familiar with Fremont, you'll find that there is free street parking without time limits on streets as you get farther away from Fremont Avenue. Below are some additional options.

1 Hr. Free Parking locations

  • Evanston (between Fremont Place and 34th Street)
  • 35th Street, between Evanston and Fremont Place
  • 34th Street (west of Fremont Avenue)

90 minutes free parking

  • Available at the PCC Market lot. The entrance to this lot is on Evanston, between 34th and 35th streets. If you park here, please support PCC and their efforts to bring locally grown and organic products to market.
  • When you come out of the parking lot, you'll be in the alley behind the Fremont Building. You can either enter the building by the blue wrought iron door, and walk up 4 flights of stairs, all the way to the top landing.
  • Or, walk up the steps that take you to Fremont Avenue, turn left and come in just north of Starbucks - the address will be 3417 Fremont Avenue.
  • Go up the stairs, or head down the hallway, past the paper mache moose, to the elevators (get off at 2R) and you'll be right in the waiting area.

2 hours or longer

  • There is an inexpensive pay lot on 34th Street, just past Evanston.

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