Clinical Psychology Seattle

AFTER YOU PARK - Finding the office

3429 Fremont Place N., Suite 311

The office is in the Fremont Building, in the heart of Fremont. Fremont Place is a small street. From the west, Leary becomes 36th Street and then Fremont Place as you go to turn south onto Fremont Avenue.

The main door is near the corner of Fremont Place and Fremont Avenue, between the Fremont Place Book Company and Dream. Enter through a black wrought iron door, and go up the steps to the 3rd floor. The waiting area is to your left - you'll see the art deco juke box and some sofas and chairs. The door that has my name on it opens directly into my office, not a separate waiting area - please be seated in the waiting area so that you don't inadvertently walk in on another person's session. I'll come greet you in the waiting area at our appointment time, then walk you back to the office.

Elevator access:

Enter the building through the door at 3417 Fremont Avenue. The entrance is a green door, north of the Starbucks and the flower shop. Access to the elevator is in the back of the hallway (to the left of the stairs, past the paper mache moose with a Cicely sign!). Press 2R and you'll come out into the entrance to the waiting area. There is a loading zone on Fremont Avenue where you can drop off anyone who needs assistance for access to the elevator.

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