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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a chance to learn about yourself. Therapy allows time and space for self-reflection, listening to our innermost thoughts, and feeling things that may not have an outlet for expression elsewhere.

Therapy provides you with opportunity to see what you bring to relationships - expectations, hopes, dreams, behaviors, hold-over feelings and old issues from earlier relationships. My therapy work is based on the premise that the therapy relationship is a key to meaningful change.

We'll pay attention to the way in which you and I relate, notice what "old issues" come alive between us, and try out new ways of relating and being understood. Ultimately you may revise your sense of who you are so that it's more in line with who you want to be.

Of course, the awareness and personal growth that occur within therapy sessions are not sufficient. The changes that most people want are in their "real life" - with partners, coworkers, children, parents and others in their day-to-day world. Our therapy is designed to give you the actual experience of new ways of feeling, perceiving, and taking action. This then becomes the practice ground for bringing these new, healthier ways of being to the "real world."

When I work with people in individual therapy, we usually meet at least one time each week – having two or more sessions each week really allows our work to deepen and progress quickly. We will not be talking about “the problem of the week” or specific things to say or do to handle a situation differently. Instead, we’ll be addressing what has been happening to you, and between you and others, from the perspective of how it makes sense given your experiences over time.

You will most likely be talking about conflicts you are having, with yourself or with important people in your life. We will start relating what is happening now to what you have experienced before, as we are the sum of our lived experience over time. We will try to make sense of how you are stuck or working against what you more deeply desire. We will make sense of how you have organized your inner world, and how you can shift and modify that to take into account a more accurate understanding of you and the important people in your life.

Our sessions will help you separate out strong feelings from facts; the present situation and your current options from what it is about the situation that is similar to something from your past. Sessions are designed for you to come to understand what has happened before, what is happening now, and, if needed, give you the chance to experience an emotional resolution to previous painful experiences. Once these old experiences become clear, and you have the chance to understand them more fully and process the emotions you might not have had a chance to, it frees you up to enter the present with more clarity, more options, and more of a sense of control.

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