Clinical Psychology Seattle

About My Practice

BonnieI have been providing psychotherapy and assessment, consultation and clinical supervision since 1990. Psychotherapy involves a mutual commitment to work toward better understanding and resolution of the issues or problems in your life. The goal is for therapy to lead to some kind of positive change which can ultimately lead to greater happiness and satisfaction, a lessening of stress, better ability to cope with problems, improved relationships, and deeper meaning and balance in your life.

My therapeutic orientation is best described as “integrative,” drawing strongly on psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, feminist and existential therapy modalities. I'm committed to empowering individuals, and helping them empower themselves. I use a variety of tools and strategies, depending upon the type of growth and change that best suits an individual.

Some therapy techniques are designed to help eliminate or change unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving. Some therapy techniques are designed to provide education so that individuals have as much accurate information as possible from which to make decisions. Other therapy techniques are designed to help people gain a deeper understanding of the patterns of their life, and how earlier events and relationships continue to influence them in the present day.

Finally, I embrace the humanistic and existential philosophy of acceptance and unconditional positive regard, while at the same time supporting endeavors to find new ways of being. We are ultimately responsible for the life we build, and my goal is to help individuals assume this responsibility in a way that leads to a greater sense of freedom and possibility.

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